Going East: The Toronto Board Meeting

Recently Papa Les and I went on a 2 week adventure around the east coast. Our destinations were New York, Waterloo, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Captain Kelsey joined up part way through the trip – but had to take care of mom duties back for the rest of the trip.

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Griptape Stencil Art

Do you ever get bored with your plain old black grip tape? Yea sure we can get some red or blue grip tape, but thats available to everyone… Lets customize our shred-stick and make our grip tape look pimptight! Whats your favourite movie? Band? Cartoon Character? Lets stencil em up on your board!

What you need to make a stencil:

– Computer

– Printer

– Paper

– Exacto knife

– Spray paint

– Skateboard

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Follow Runs with The Papa

Last Thursday Les and I were headed out to Switchback in Nanaimo for the day to help around the shop and say whats up to all the homies. On our way out we decided to stop by some local hills with The Papa’s new cameras (t5i, 7D) and film a few quick runs.

Well the footage turned out better than expected, so I whipped up a quick edit with some funny music for your enjoyment. Welcome to beautiful British Columbia.


Ladner Photo Sesh

Last week Papa Les loaded up his trusty Kia with a crew of skaters consisting of myself, Mike Slota and Luke Melo, and we headed out to the Ladner skatepark for a rip. The camera ended up being brought along and after an hour of solid skating we were sweaty and tired. Before packing up and leaving we opted for a few sunset snaps first.

Some of the shots ended up looking pretty cool so I figured I’d post my 3 favourite. All photo credit goes to Papa Les.

Stoney gettin' high

Like Melo being not so mellow

Slota boosting